May 24 Thru 27th
9am to 9pm at Cats and Dogs Coffee

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Detailed Information and Current Schedule

The store earlier Wednesday, partially set up.

Thursday, May 24th, Cats and Dogs Coffeeshop will host Clowder & Pack Fine Booksellers, a four day pop-up bookstore. The store will benefit Assemble, a community space for art and technology, also on Penn Ave.
The shop is at 4059 Penn Avenue, just west of Penn and Main. The bookstore will take over their back room.

The store will feature new and used books, as well as books from local authors, writers, zine makers, and others. The local author books will be priced individually, with proceeds going straight to those authors. The other books will be $2 each, and $1 after the first five. Proceeds from those will go directly Assemble.

We will accept cash, as well as credit and debit cards via square.

Clowder & Pack will last for four days, from Thursday May 24th until Sunday May 28th.

Hours will be 9AM to 9PM.

The coffee shop will open at 6AM on Thursday and Friday, and 9AM Saturday and Sunday.

We have over 1500 books in stock.

There will be readings and talks by a host of local authors, writers, and others. A selection:

Lori Jakiela & Karen Lillis, two local authors, will be reading from their recent work, 7pm Friday.

Lori Jakiela's latest book of poetry, Spot the Terrorist! (Turning Point Press), takes the reader on flights through the ordinary, in which the mundane experiences of an airline attendant become something much stranger and wilder.

Karen Lillis' new novella, Watch the Doors as They Close (Spuyten Duyvil), "reads as if you found the diary on a table in a local coffee shop and stuffed it into your bag—it is at once both intimate and secretive…." (Curbside Splendor review).

Kayte Rose, local bookbinder and game developer, will give a talk and workshop Saturday at Noon.

The writer and director of the web series Echo Chamber, Tom Pike, will give a talk about screenwriting Saturday at 3pm.

Christine Stoddard, editor of Quail Bell Magazine, and the Quail Bell crew, will speak at 6pm Saturday.

Mr. Dog, writer and game author, will give a workshop on writing Sunday at Noon.
Assemble, which will be receiving the proceeds from the store, is a former storefront at 5125 Penn Ave converted into a community space. Assemble hosts monthly shows by artists, designers, and makers, ranging from a temporary urban farm to the most recent show, Animals Eating Animals, which explores the power relationships between animals, people, corporations, and nostalgic Americana. 

In addition, Assemble hosts monthly learning parties for kids of all ages (and big kids (adults) too!), ongoing lecture and workshop series, music events highlighting local bands, and a host of other activities. The bulk of their offerings are free to the public, especially the local community, and so fundraising is a vital part of keeping the space open and accessible.

More information about Clowder & Pack Fine Booksellers can be found at any of the places below:

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