May 24 Thru 27th
9am to 9pm at Cats and Dogs Coffee

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day Three: Quail Bell Magazine has Arrived!

Clowder and Pack, when busy.

Day Two went great! We had a wonderful reading by Karen Lillis and Lori Jakiela that filled the coffee shop with eager listeners!

The Crowd at Karen and Lori's reading.

Day three is shaping up well! The Crew from Quail Bell Magazine arrived this morning after a long trip from Virginia. Here they are in fine form, quail feathers attached.

Mars, Christine, and Julie, respectively.
They have set up a wonderful table of books, zines, poems, art, bookmarks, top-hats, and print miscellania for sale.

The Merch Table!
There are three events today, Saturday.

At Noon, Kayte Rose is giving a lecture on bookbinding and then a 1pm workshop.

At 3pm, Tom Pike, local writer and show director, will speak about screenwriting.

At 6pm, the Quail Bell Extravaganza will begin. Excitement awaits, and perhaps, even song!

Come on down to the shop and check it all out, and buy books, and drink coffee.

And enjoy the air conditioning!

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  1. I wish I could be there for the bookbinding class!
    Maybe I can arrange to visit them!